Tomorrow is a new day…

Hi I am Hilda, the photographer behind Hilda Mans Photography

I worked in a corporate division for more than 10 years and decided I need a career change!  It was a challenge but after a long thought process I’ve decided on Photography – I thought to myself, I would love to wake up every day and my main focus would be to see all the beauty in life…. Where the sun would rise and were the sun would set?  To meet new clients and  build new friendships.

Little did I know photography would be WAY MORE THAN THE ABOVE,

Photography showed me to see beauty in every person, every client has something to give, All of us are so unique and I just LOVE capturing the uniqueness of every single individual I meet.

Photography pushed me WAY out of my comfort zone and being creative and thinking like there is no box is becoming part of my everyday life.

I am married to a VERY supportive husband who I love and care about so much   we have two gorgeous girls with kind strong hearts and strong personalities.

I live by one motto in life (sometimes hard for me to follow) – but it’s something I try to always remind my daughters and husband off and this is to NEVER GIVE UP.

Difficult doesn’t mean impossible, It simply means that you have to work harder.

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